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Diana Mylek, Christian Fiction 

Do you like your fiction to be inspirational? Funny? I am a Christian Fiction author who believes that God has a wonderful sense of humor (He invented it) and I use this to guide and encourage my readers to a new or deeper relationship with the Lover of their souls. God loves us! And He uses many ways to reach us; in His Word, poetry, songs, stories. Jesus was a master storyteller! Those of us who love the Savior continue this tradition in our own ways, and for me, it's my books. I hope you love my characters, and that they make you laugh, cry, and think. 
I am a wife, mom, grandma and foster mother. My husband is the associate pastor for our church. So we're a fairly busy bunch of imperfect people striving to follow God in the best way we know. I am a member of the Northwest Ohio Writers' Forum (shout out to my peeps), and communications director at my church. (See how writers stretch the truth for artistic value? I write the bulletins.)
I am adding more to my collection, so check back often. I'm also available for speaking engagements. I was once a frightened teenager with a terrible secret. Because someone, a nameless counselor at Heartbeat convinced me to give my baby life, I now have a decorated Marine and Detroit police officer son who has in turn saved many lives and given me the greatest gift ever, my awesome wonderful, clever...I'm gushing. My grandchildren. My life! I share this so others can make a good decision for their own unborn children. 

Are you a writer?

I can help you format your book to sell as an ebook or paperback.. I charge $125 and I will give you free advice on how to make a cover! Contact me at diana.mylek@gmail.com

For Paperback orders: $12 per book plus shipping. 


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